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The Biggest Loser Winner: Weighing in on Rachel

February 5, 2014

So, after some personal texts and opinion solicitors, I’m throwing my hat into the controversy ring…

The Biggest Loser - Season 15Rachel Frederickson: Biggest Loser Winner. Who would have thought that title would have everyone in an uproar? I’ve had plenty of friends who have weighed in on the topic and some who have been quite upset. Here are my thoughts…

Let me start by saying that before you publicly spout your opinion, please please please consider the following:

          • Consider the fact that you are talking about another human being, who possesses feelings, fears, and can be hurt just like anyone else.
          • Consider all sides of the equation before pointing fingers and attempting to cast shame on others.
          • Consider your own demons and struggles and why this situation is eliciting such a powerful response.

Now that we have that out of the way, I would like to say that NBC’s The Biggest Loser is basically a game show. They call it “reality TV,” but it is a game show… a game show with prizes. BIG prizes. Prizes so big that people may go to extremes to win. I have never agreed with using “weight” as the sole criteria for the competition (I actually had this discussion with the show’s doctor at one point, and he agreed, but that’s another story). Still I have watched the show, season after season, excited to see the incredible shrinking bodies and hoping someday I could achieve drastic weight loss as well. Isn’t that why most of us watch? Don’t we hope to connect to the contestants, find something in their lives we can relate to or empathize with, then hope it stimulates some sort of motivation within us to achieve our own goals?

Rachel’s story captivated us, she played the game, and she won. She is not the first contestant to appear to have gone to extremes and I guarantee she won’t be the last! Here’s another little fact: The Biggest Loser is not the only weight loss show where extremes are likely to occur. But guess what? It’s Rachel’s body, Rachel’s life, and Rachel’s win. She did what she felt she had to do to achieve her goals and just because you don’t agree with her methods, doesn’t make you better, smarter or more deserving than she is. Rachel’s journey is personal to Rachel.

I challenge you to be congratulatory, regardless of your opinion about how she looks today or how you think she won the game. She earned her prize – BOTTOM LINE. It’s okay to be concerned, and it’s okay to have an opinion, but by no means should you be unkind, hateful, or rude. Those actions just make you ugly, they don’t make her wrong.rachel-fredrickson-season-15-biggest-loser

My heart goes out to Rachel. I can’t imagine how horribly shocked she must feel to have her fans turn on her so abruptly. Her heart must be breaking at all the negativity and animosity, which she never intended to invite into her life. She was a fighter and a competitor on the show. We followed her. We rooted for her. She was kind, sweet, and faced every challenge with more fortitude and perseverance than most of us could ever muster.

If you’ve ever had any weight issues in your life, you are VERY familiar with how easily you can fall off the wagon and put all the weight back on and then some. Sometimes that struggle can show itself in other ways; Remember this and try not to be too quick to judge. Calling someone “too skinny” or “anorexic” can be just as hurtful as the plethora of names we have for obese people.

We should be supporting each other, not ripping each other apart.

Rachel: I have a feeling you’ll never read this, but I just want to say congratulations on your win and that I hope you have truly found health and happiness that continues through the rest of your life! Cheers!


~See you on the fit side!~


Don’t ‘Gobble Gobble’ Too Much! (Happy Thanksgiving!)

November 26, 2013

This post is dedicated to my friend, Sharon Howe. I promised this lovely young lady that I would post something just for her over Thanksgiving break, so here it is.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sharon! Keep on keepin’ on!


I turned a corner this week. It feels so good to feel like I’m finally on track again! It has been a LOOOooooonnnnnnggg time. Months!

Before I tell you what I’m about to tell you, you should know that I am a “Red 33,” “ENTJ,” “Type A,” (whatever personality assessment you’re familiar with), so I chart everything… and I mean EVERYTHING. It’s ridiculous, really. I would never expect anyone to be as chart-crazy as I am…but, there are times when it is helpful to look back and see where I have been in the past. This week was one of those times it paid off.

From my diligent charting, I can see that I got to my lowest weight since 1997 in April of 2012, then gained weight back through the rest of 2012, but losing most of it again between December 2012 and March 2013 (lowest weight plus 6 lbs), only to put a lot of it back on again (this time, with a vengeance) and letting it continually escalate to a 3-year high by October 2013. Wow. What a roller-coaster ride!

Sound familiar? The fact is, I may struggle like this for the rest of my life. And guess what? That’s ok!triumph

Not once during this time did I ever say, “I give up.” Not once. Yes, when I was gaining weight, there was obviously a piece of the fitness puzzle missing, but I was still in the fight. Food often got the best of me through stress and emotion, but those things were temporary and surmountable. I refused to let them define me. This is hard, but not impossible. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it AND be successful at it.

The truth behind my struggle:

With all the visits to BLR and The Clinic by Dr. H, and all the classes, gym memberships, counselors, diet fads, books on nutrition, research, support networks, etc., I STILL get lost at times. It’s not that I don’t know what needs to be done (I’m sure I could teach some of this stuff by now), it’s more like I struggle to mentally leap over the thoughts of leaving my comfort food and comfort zones in general.

Heading to the fridge, then the couch after work has been engrained in my daily routine for more than half my life! It’s comfortable, soothing, relaxing, and inviting. Even if I had a treadmill replace the couch in my living room, I would find a way to turn it into a recliner… that’s how much I loved my food/alcohol/sitting downtime.  Sitting down and eating and drinking is how I achieved a mental and physical release from stress. It is NOT easy to change. Why would I want to? It is temporary gratification THAT HAS WORKED FOR ME every time!

What I often fail to remember is that it may always work in the moment for relaxation and stress relief, but inevitably with long-term consequences, which aren’t so readily apparent… The problem? I put the negative consequences of that behavior out of my mind because I can’t immediately see the havoc  it’s putting my body through. I am willing to bet that if we WERE FORCED to watch the damage we do to our bodies (in a fast-forward, movie, kind of way) EVERY TIME we ate something toxic or were sedentary for too long, most of us would opt for healthier options, or go for a walk.  It’s unfortunate that we’re basically blind to all of this until our clothes don’t fit or the scale “seems off.” Still, the scale and clothes are only on the surface… symptoms, if you will, of what’s happening inside our bodies. We often don’t realize the TRUE damage, until it’s too late. How scary is that? We can’t see it, so we choose to ignore it. Then, we end up sick or worse!

I am very aware of the dangers, plus I have a severe back injury that could leave me immobile if I don’t stay active… yet, finding something that truly works for me, long-term, has been a major challenge! You’d think it would be easy since I have every incentive in the world to stay healthy, right? i-always-want-only-two-thingsI’m so jealous of the people who say that “fitness and clean eating is a lifestyle [for them]” – as though they couldn’t possibly think of living any differently. I’m not one of those people. Not even close.

I dream of donuts DAILY – if they’re in front of me, I’ll eat them.

I love nothing more than a good martini after a stressful day.

I get midnight munchies if I’m awake too late.

I have to force myself to go to the gym: Although, since my roommate (Tim) moved in, it has been a lot easier to go to the gym after work. [He loves the gym. He’s one of those obsessed gym rats (see above re: lifestyle) and he sometimes drags me there. I love him for it, but I still want to kill him when he says, "C'mon! Let's go!!!!" LOL].

I want to cry on leg day.

I sweat profusely and I hate it.

There is junk food in my house again: Tim eats more junk food than a McDonald’s food-taster who is obsessed with Betty Crocker, and he keeps it all over the house; cookies, pizza, fatty steaks, mac-n-cheese, etc., but he STILL has trouble gaining weight (***insert expletive of your choice here***)!!! However, I have to make a concerted effort to not focus on all those things. I do what I can to not allow my mind to head into those dark transoms of the fridge and cupboards, which lead to stumbles, trip-ups, and falls.

What works for me in fitness:

I’m chasing the FEELING I get after a vigorous routine, or running a race and receiving a medal; The sense of accomplishment I have when seeing the muscular changes in my body and the feeling of strength and health. Once I realized this, I started focusing on the feeling afterward, and not what I had to do to get that feeling. If I focused on having to run on the treadmill, I’d probably quit after a week. But, when I focus on my clothes being looser, the measuring tape getting tighter, my race completion time getting faster, and my wall of medals growing, it’s much easier to stay on track. Easier, but NOT EASY. I don’t think it’s a “lifestyle” for me (yet), otherwise I wouldn’t miss the couch and sweets so much and I wouldn’t still have the “just this once won’t hurt” (for sweets & alcohol) mind-set that I constantly fight.

For me, trying to keep up my fitness routine is more like training for an event. So, what better way to ensure I will keep on training, than to keep signing up for events for which being in shape is imperative? I’ve signed up for almost all of what I’ve listed below, so far. I am particularly excited about the first one, in Chico. This will be the first time my whole family (sans Mom and Dad, who will be cooking) will be running a race together AND we’re doing it for a good cause on Thanksgiving Day! I’d say that’s a pretty awesome way to spend family time, instead of being parked on a couch in front of a television. Here are the races – join me if you like! I’d love the company:

  • November: Chico Feed the Hungry 5K
  • December: San Jose Santa Run 5K
  • January: Tempe, Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon
  • February: New Orleans, Louisiana Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon
  • March: San Jose 408K & Sacramento Shamrock’n Half Marathon
  • April: Transamerica Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon San Francisco
  • May: Bay 2 Breakers 12K San Francisco
  • August: Sacramento 5K Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour & Dublin Ireland Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon & LuluLemon Vancouver Seawheeze Half Marathon
  • October: San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

I’m still looking for local events in the June-July timeframe. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know!

Progress to-date:

I took my measurements this morning… After 39 days on Isagenix (and working out, of course), I have lost 13.6 lbs and 21.96 inches! 5.11 of those inches were lost during just the last week! This is so exciting for me. I am feeling great! At day 60, I will post a picture of myself with before/after from the start of Isagenix to Day 60’s achievement. I have to say that I am a bit worried about the back-to-back half marathons in January and February. There are only two weeks between them. That would be like me running another half marathon this coming weekend. Whoa. I tried three miles last night and my legs were screaming expletives at me! Still, I’m going to try because I really want those extra medals (Rock Encore and Desert Double).

The holidays are upon us… food, food, more food, and food… and drinks.

Please eat (and drink) responsibly. Taste whatever you want, but go slowly and don’t overdo it. It’ll just make you feel like crap the next day and it’s SO not worth it. Here are a few guides to put it into perspective for you! LOL! I know… these are evil, but they’re also VERY helpful!

how-to-carve-up-your-thanksgiving-caloriesthanksgivingcals thanksgiving-dinner-calories

If you do over-indulge, go for a walk after dinner and hit the gym or a class the next day! After looking at these images, you’ll know EXACTLY what you need to do. *wink* Good luck! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

~See you on the fit side!~


You’re Worth More

November 22, 2013

I know this isn’t really fitness-related, but it definitely impacts my mindset, which ultimately impacts my motivation and subsequently my fitness goals, so I thought I’d write about it anyway:

I get so down in the dumps when people cancel plans on me at the last minute… especially plans that have been in the works for weeks or months. I rarely see friends and family now image1  that I live so far away, so I look forward to any chance I have to see them. I’m also a planner, so it’s not in my nature to just find something else to do whenever plans fail without notice. I am more of the “I’m going to buy some ice cream and lay on the couch in my PJs” kind of person… at least I used to be. I had an entire weekend planned with a friend and they bailed on me for something else. It’s times like these that I’m reminded of a post I once saw on Facebook:

“Don’t make someone a priority in your life if they only make you their option.”

So true. Suffice it to say that this person has been downgraded to Option Z (no, George… that doesn’t stand for “zombie.”)

I’ve been struggling with this all day. The logical side of my brain is telling me not to be upset because it’s out of my control… to just look at it as an opportunity to do something unexpected with other people. The emotional side of my brain simultaneously questions whether I’m good company or whether that person is truly a friend. Ugh. The internal battle is exhausting and I don’t know how to stop it. This is the type of thing that triggers emotional eating for me, but I usually don’t realize it until it’s too late.

As the war waged on in my conscience, I received a call from my trainer, Linden. He asked me a few questions about how my program was going with running, Isagenix, etc. For some reason, I started thinking very negatively and it began to transgress into a depression. I caught myself during the call, though, and I talked it out with him. I felt much better and very much loved after our conversation, but I was still seeking that “warm blanket, snuggling in front of a fire” feeling… comfort.1-7 eatlesscrap

After I hung up with Linden, I went to our company’s café and saw a smorgasbord of delectable delights splayed out before me. Ahhh… Friday! I had forgotten it was the end of the week, which somehow also means the café will present to you any and all baked goods and wide array of comfort foods that your little heart desires. Talk about wrong place at wrong time for this girl.

I thought about it. Not gonna lie.

I’m usually pretty hungry by this time of day, and another wafer snack by Isagenix doesn’t always satisfy my cravings. I wanted a piece of chocolate cake or a giant pastry SOOOO bad, but then I started to think about why I wanted it, and what had happened during my day that had my mind instantly cataloguing internal justifications for having eaten those things before I had even bought them!

tvThen, I started thinking about the havoc those ingredients would bring on my teeth, stomach, and body. I also started thinking about the fact that a belly ring looks absolutely ridiculous on someone with a gut. I call it the pin-cushion effect. No. I don’t want that.

I walked away. It wasn’t easy, but I did it.

It’s so tough to get out of the mindset that you’re missing out on something by saying, “No.” Ironically, you’re actually GAINIING something very positive; your health and wellness! Isn’t it sick how we’re conditioned to believe that no sugar and no processed foods are forms of deprivation? If anything, it’s a form of preservation – mind, body and soul!

Bottom line is that I’m not going to get where I want to be, by doing what I’ve always done. I know this to be an absolute fact. “Just one more time won’t hurt…” was once the theme of my life. Instead, how about thinking, “Just one less time will help…”neverhad

To everyone out there experiencing similar struggles: I get it. I wish I could magically fix it for you and for myself. Don’t give up. Keep working it, because you’re worth it!!!!

~See you on the fit side!~



Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon

November 21, 2013

Last weekend was a milestone weekend. It was my 30-day measurements and weigh-in for the Isagenix program, and I ran my second half-marathon. My 30 day numbers for Isagenix were 11.25 lbs down and 19.25 inches lost.

image12I am back into some of my size 10’s and all of my size 12’s. Whew! I’m still a few pounds above my former lightest weight, but I’m looking more and more like that happy version of Heather with each passing day. It’s amazing how much body image affects mood! It’s so nice to not feel depressed anymore!

I went off Isagenix for about four days before the half-marathon because  I ran out of some of the Isagenix products (I won’t let that happen again)… and I am notorious for looking for ANY excuse to eat carbs. Of course, true to form, going off my program for more than a day started a bit of a domino effect. One day of not-so-ideal-eating turned into two, then three, then four… by the time race day came, I hadn’t hit the gym in five days and I was eating more than I needed to. I didn’t drink alcohol, which I believe saved me from weight gain overall. I know that little image10lapse impacted my potential weight loss for the 30 days, but I can’t change it now and I really don’t care at this point. This is rare for me. I didn’t allow myself to fall off the wagon completely and I didn’t gain weight. I actually lost a few inches and my weight stayed the same. I’d say that counts as a victory!

Plus, I feel accomplished for having finished the Las Vegas Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon! It was MUCH tougher than the Half Moon Bay half-marathon, in my opinion. I don’t know if it was because we were running at night, or having to watch the pavement cracks, or the smells of Sin City (I don’t know of anywhere else that so many spectators are smoking right near all the runners!), but I struggled the first 3 miles. Right around mile 8, I felt my legs start to cramp and seize up. This time, I had plenty of shot blocks, but the water stations were all empty! It was the craziest thing! Thousands of cups everywhere and no water. At mile 10, my iPhone stopped working, so I began to manually count the minutes for my intervals. THAT WAS ROUGH. The bands had stopped playing at that point, so I had no music and no Jeff Galloway in my ear telling me what to do. As I passed mile 13, I felt a Charlie-horse in my left calf, then shortly thereafter, heard/felt a “pop” behind my knee. My left knee buckled and I almost went down. I wanted to cry. I was so close and  image8 image2  5  now I might not finish. I nearly allowed a spectator to carry me to the finish line (about 100 yards away), but I looked up, saw the sign and lights, and sprinted through it as fast as I could. Once I was on the other side of that line, my body shut down. I felt like I had no control over my legs and the pain was really intense. I also didn’t have enough saliva to bite into and swallow a bagel! I knew I was dehydrated. I downed two bottles of water and a chocolate milk, then I felt REALLY sick. I didn’t puke, though.image4

I hobbled through the area, got my medal, and couldn’t do much more than whimper in pain and image9focus on getting back to my hotel room. I flagged down the first limo I saw (I would’ve pain huge money to get off my feet at that point, and taxi cabs were non-existent with 40,000 other runners trying to hail one at the same time) and I went straight back to my room. I knew instantly that I wouldn’t be celebrating that night like I had planned. Instead of the beer I had dreamt of for 30 days, all I wanted was a hot shower, ice on my knee, and a relaxing soak in a tub… and that’s exactly what I did.

Even with all that, I was surprised at how much better I felt and how much more quickly I recovered than after running the first half-marathon. Then again, I actually trained for this one for almost eight weeks (still not enough, by the way). I am also proud of the fact that my official time was 02:50:50, but that included a “pit stop” for 00:07:53. Even counting the pit stop, I image3accomplished a new Personal Record (PR) by three minutes… more than 10 minutes if you deduct the 00:07:53.

Today, I am still limping a bit. The back of my knee feels like a rubber band keeps snapping against it. And in a surprising turn, my knee cap joined in the pain party. Fun.

Still, I signed up my entire family for a Turkey Day fun run near my parents’ house; I’ll do it, even if I have to walk it. It’ll be the first time the whole family has come together for an active event. I’m so excited! I can’t wait for my niece and nephew to experience their first 5K. Maybe they’ll both get the running bug!

Work is picking up the pace again and I will be on the road a lot over the next few months. Dallas is my next stop. Isagenix should get me through unscathed and I’ve already booked a hotel with a nice gym. Now, it’s just up to me! Between eating right and following Linden King’s workouts (maybe not the legs one right now), I should see results!image

Special shout-out to Amanda Tyson – Girl, you are doing so well! I love how we both decided to stop gaining weight and start our fitness regimes again at the same time. Every morning, you are amazing support for me and I love you for it. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You keep me grounded. Twinsies for life!

~See you on the fit side!~


The Scale Sucks…

January 29, 2013

The Scale Sucks…

The scale sucks because it doesn’t show all the progress you may be making! You can easily weigh the same amount, but look and feel smaller! I had this exact discussion with my trainer, Kristi, this morning. She was looking at my progress pictures on my weigh-in page, and commenting on how much more toned my legs and abs appear, even at the same weight! After that conversation, I decided to show a side-by-side comparison of the subtle differences between my body at the same weight. On the left is two weeks ago. On the right was this past Sunday:

1-13 weigh-in 1-27 weigh-in

I notice more definition in my arms, a slimmer face, more symmetry in my shoulders, and tighter abs…

Let this be a lesson! The scale is misleading! Don’t put too much stock in that cruel number. If you’re moving, it’s working! If you’re eating right, it’s working even better!

Primal Eating

Speaking of eating right… I received an unexpected, yet welcome, comment from Kristi this morning. She said, “I was really proud of you and how you handled the pizza thing.” I was surprised! I thought for sure I would be receiving a lecture about set-backs! But she said that I did it right! I allowed myself that one meal and never looked back, only forward! I’m not saying that I’m planning to do that every week, but when temptation becomes too great and you slip up, don’t make it a 2 week or 2 month slip-up. Make it a one-meal deviation, then get right back on track!

66 Days to a New Habit

Current Habit to Change: Eating sweets

Consecutive Days Complete: 66!

Days Remaining: 0! THIS IS COMPLETE! I bought 70% cacao almonds yesterday, but I’m not going to have any until tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow, my new habit will be… Taking my vitamins!

3000 Mile Manic Challenge & Exercise 1-28 miles 1-29 miles

  • Miles Completed Today: 2.02
  • Miles Completed Monday: 3.04
    • Bike: 1.02
    • Row: 2.02 miles [3253 Meters (1609 meters per mile)]
  • Total Miles Completed Since 1/1/2013 : 248.67
  • Total Miles Ahead: 2751.33
    • Run/walk = 17.03
    • Bike = 231.64
    • Row = 2.02
    • Swim = 0

Average miles/day pace: 8.88 miles/day

Average miles/day required to complete challenge: 8.22 miles/day

Status: ON TRACK

… barely. Maybe I should put in more bike miles tonight?

~See you on the fit side!~


Perils of Pizza and Pinot Noir

January 27, 2013

Perils of Pizza and Pinot Noir

Once again, I wanted to post this last night, but ran out of time… I guess my days are getting busier! The good news is that regardless of my schedule, I’m not letting my workouts slip!

January 27 was weigh-in day and the scale was up a little bit. I’m sure that it had a lot to do with my binge eating on Saturday night, but I’m still okay with it. Plus, I’m positive that I’m gaining muscle. I feel it and see it in my arms and legs… even in my abs a little bit! My weigh-in pictures can be found here:

Primal Eating1-27 lobster pizza

Boy, did I mess up Saturday night! I went out on a date with quite possibly the nicest, but most boring guy on the planet. I was trying soooo hard not to yawn through the two hours, where he droned on about his exes and his brother’s rotten children. The thing is – I was looking REALLY forward to going out with him because he seemed so nice and well-put-together! So, when I was faced with someone who was socially awkward, boring and slightly negative, I was extremely disappointed. This led to drinking a two glasses of wine over two hours (he had 5, and the more he drank, the worse he got because he began to RAMBLE about the boring stuff at a million miles per minute). I was unmistakably buzzed after just two glasses, and I was hungry because Mr. PaintDryingIsMoreExciting didn’t want to eat anything, so I wasn’t about to eat in front of him. This led to a late-night meal at the only bar serving food after 11pm. This bar also happens to serve my most favorite pizza ever – Lobster Pizza. Although I was buzzing from the wine, I debated whether to order the pizza. Salad didn’t sound good. Salmon didn’t sound good. Lobster pizza sounded bomb.

I ate the entire thing, sans the outer crust. I’m pretty sure that was close to 1200 Calories… I also had four criss-cut fries from my roomie’s order.

Do I regret it? No.

Isn’t that strange? Even the next morning, sober and back on the bike and treadmill, I felt satisfied and I enjoyed every single bite of that pizza and those fries. They were amazing. I fell off the wagon, but I’m getting back on immediately… Now, it’s out of my system and I can go back to eating primal.

66 Days to a New Habit

Current Habit to Change: Eating sweets (Even though I succumbed to the tempting lobster pizza, I didn’t have any sweets or dessert!)

Consecutive Days Complete: 64 days! (as of Sunday)

Days Remaining: 2

3000 Mile Maniacs Challenge Exercise 1-27 miles

  • Miles Completed Sunday: 15.4
  • Total Miles Completed Since 1/1/2013 : 246.65
  • Total Miles Ahead: 2753.35
    • Run/walk = 15.01
    • Bike = 231.64
    • Swim = 0

I was especially proud of the fact that I ran a mile in 11:20, after not running for so long! It felt really good to complete a mile and not be nearly as winded, sore, or fatigued as I expected. I also increased the speed from 5.5 to 6.6 for the last .18 miles. My ankle is still very weak and I felt it try to give out a couple of times, but I think I’ll be 5K ready by March. I would love to run a 5K in under 30 minutes… that’s my goal.

~See you on the fit side!~


January 25 – Catching Up!

January 25, 2013

Catching Up!

I tried to post this yesterday, but was down during the time I devoted to blogging:

1-24 exercise

Wow… I actually skipped two days of blogging? I’m just sending this quick post out there to catch up, but nothing specific regarding my nutrition, until tonight.

On Thursday, I just got too busy and chose sleep over writing. However, I did have an hour of TRX in the morning, followed by 30 min on the bike in the afternoon. In the evening, I went to my stylist and got my hair dyed red. I love it!

On Friday, I was traveling and visiting with family for my dad’s birthday. I love my family and I love spending time with them, but it’s exceptionally difficult for me to stay on any health program when I visit. We all tend to lay on the couch in front of the television, or play games at the dining table, while we stuff our faces with mom’s delicious food. No to mention, there is always something sweet on the kitchen counter that has been freshly-baked, just beckoning someone to eat it! My mom loves baking and we love eating. Bad combo. Just check out that steak, shrimp, bacon and butter dinner. It almost seems like a moot point to forego the baked potato! (Because THAT would have been going “too far.” LOL):

 1-25 meals

So, nutrition-wise, I didn’t do that great yesterday. I consumed almost 1900 Calories and a lot of that was steak, butter, and prawns. It was delicious, and probably not way off the Primal Blueprint, but it was wayyyyy too much. I told my friend, Amanda, that I was eating like a linebacker on death row. I wasn’t lying. I was extremely full last night and my body wasn’t having it.

I’ll write more about today after I finish my workouts, etc. tonight.

66 Days to a New Habit

Current Habit to Change: Eating sweets

Consecutive Days Complete: 63 days! (Yesterday was tough – Strawberry shortcake, brownies, cookies, chocolate… all within arm’s reach. In the past, I used to wait for everyone to go to bed, then I’d sneak a serving… or two… or six… of whatever they all enjoyed after dinner. I was ESPECIALLY bad with cake! I would trim thin slices from both sides and make a “deeper V cut” in the cake, so nobody would notice a huge amount missing! Sick, right?) Since I only have 3 days left for this to be a habit, I’m nervous. Even though I got through yesterday, I’m wondering if I’ve truly developed a new habit. We shall see.

Days Remaining: 3 (I can’t believe it’s finally approaching…  I have to think of a new habit, and soon!)

Primal Eating

I bought the book for my dad for his birthday, but I’m not sure he’s going to read it. I really hope he does  because I think it could help with his overall health. After hearing a few comments during this visit, I’m worried. Truly worried. BUT, he’s his own person and he makes his own decisions… I can’t force him.

3000 Mile Manics Challenge and Exercise1-26 exercise

  • Miles Completed Thursday: 18.45
  • Miles Completed Friday: 0
  • Miles Completed Saturday: 9.14
  • Total Miles Completed Since 1/1/2013 : 231.25
  • Total Miles Ahead: 2768.27
  • Run/walk = 15.01
    • Bike = 216.24
    • Swim = 0

~See you on the fit side!~


Energy Wanted!

January 23, 2013

Energy Wanted!

I’m so tired! Ironically, I think it’s because I have more energy, so I’m doing a lot more during the day than I’m used to doing. I could fall asleep sitting up, right now. Too tired to write much tonight, but I wanted to make sure I recorded my miles and checked in. These 6am workouts are also exhausting me because I’ve only been getting 4-6 hours of sleep. I need at least 7 1/2. More tomorrow.

66 Days to a New Habit

Current Habit to Change: Eating sweets

Consecutive Days Complete: 591-23 bike

Days Remaining: 7 [One week to go! The irony is that I found a chapter in my Primal Eating book that says “dark chocolate (75% cacao and above) is healthy in moderation and has a powerful antioxidant effect. Basically, once I meet my 66 day goal, I can have dark chocolate and not feel guilty! Guess what’s getting added to my trail mix? ]

Primal Eating

I think I recruited another primal eater today… and I’m going to buy the book for my dad for his birthday. Mark Sisson should have me on his payroll! Haha!

3000 Mile Manic Challenge / Exercise

  • Miles Completed Today: 18.38
  • Total Miles Completed Since 1/1/2013 : 203.66
  • Total Miles Ahead: 2796.34
    • Run/walk = 5.01
    • Bike = 198.65
    • Swim = 0

Nutrition (approx. 1416 Calories) 1-23 nutrition

  • Breakfast: Egg white omelet, spinach, cheese, turkey bacon
  • Lunch: Meatballs; broccoli with mizithra cheese and butter
  • Dinner: Tuna and avocado
  • Snack: homemade trail mix


~See you on the fit side!~


See Heather Run!

January 22, 2013

See Heather Run!

Finally! After six weeks of waiting for my ankle to heal, I was able to run today! I went a whole mile before I felt anything more than a dull ache! I asked Kristi (my trainer) to take a picture of this epic moment:

1-22 exercise

I eased into my run at 4.5 mph, then slowly escalated to 5.5 mph without much problem. I think there’s hope for me, yet! I may actually be able to run that 5K in March!

I took a rest day yesterday to nurse a horrible red wine hangover. I hope I remember how I felt yesterday if I ever think about drinking again. Red wine is not nearly as nice to me as vodka. What a horrible feeling! To cap off the headache laced with guilt and regret, I also had the pleasure of trying on bridesmaids dresses. I loved being with Jaclyn and seeing how beautiful she looked in EVERY bridal gown she tried on… what I didn’t love (and what I wasn’t anticipating) is that bridesmaid’s dress sizes are whack! I was so defeated when none of the 8’s, 10’s or 12’s fit! I looked in the mirror and immediately saw my old self, staring back. I pulled a 16 off the rack, praying it would swim on me, but it didn’t; it was a perfect fit. I wanted to curl up in a corner with a tub of ice cream! How could one night of drinking… okay… maybe one and a half nights of drinking… have such a huge impact?!?!? Then, I asked my super-skinny friend (who is normally a size 2-3) what size dresses she was trying on. She said, “8’s” without showing the slightest bit of concern! That made me feel much better – that even she had to multiply her size by 4!

Dear bridal / bridesmaid gown creators: You seriously suck. There’s no better way to make a woman and her bridal party feel like plump pieces of crap than to make her wear a MUCH larger size than she’s used to wearing! You will all go to hell. <grin>

On another note, I’m really tired, so I’m going to listen to my body and head to bed early tonight instead of trying to get in the 9.5 miles I’m missing for my 11.5 mile/day plan. I think rest will be better for my body in the long run.

66 Days to a New Habit

Current Habit to Change: Eating sweets

Consecutive Days Complete: 58

Days Remaining: 8 (just over one week left!)

Nutrition (approx. 1258 Calories) 1-22 nutrition

  • Breakfast: Bosc pear and chia seed energy bar
  • Lunch: Vegetable beef soup, clam chowder (I picked out the potatoes and put them on the side); salad with 3oz steak on top and caramelized onions.
  • Dinner: 3 oz chicken breast; 1 small carrot; 2 green beans
  • Snack: homemade trail mix

Primal Eating

Mental note: Sushi (without rice) and red wine make me bloat like crazy! I had two nights in a row where I had at least two glasses of red wine, and I ended up looking like I could pop! Not a good feeling! The scale isn’t shy about showing me water-weight! Let’s just say that 181.6 disappeared in the blink of an eye!

I also found that my tolerance has decreased tremendously. It used to take me a whole bottle of wine to feel buzzed. Now, I feel drunk after two 4oz – 6oz glasses! Drunk! And the hangovers from red wine are horrendous! I woke up with shakes and cold sweats, and I was feeling like crap all day yesterday with a migraine that wouldn’t quit! I hope I remember that the next time I think I want to drink. It’s getting to the point where the pain outweighs the fun!

When I spoke to Kristi about it, she said that my body isn’t used to alcohol anymore, and it’s causing reactions in my system that I’m not familiar with because I’ve become sensitive to anything toxic. Sounds about right! Gone are the days of “keeping up with the boys.” I’m a total lightweight now! Well, at least I’ll have more money in my account because the booze fund isn’t going to get used like it has been in the past.

3000 Mile Maniacs Challenge

The only miles I had yesterday were in my car, driving home.

Today: 2.02 miles

  • 1 mile bike
  • 1 mile running

  • Miles Completed Today: 2.02
  • Total Miles Completed Since 1/1/2013 : 185.28
  • Total Miles Ahead: 2814.72
    • Run/walk = 5.01
    • Bike = 180.27
    • Swim = 0


  • 1.01 miles on bike
  • 1.01 miles on treadmill between 4.5 and 5.5mph
  • 40 min TRX:
    • W-press
    • Y-press
    • L-press
    • Push-ups
    • Bridges, squats, bench dips


~See you on the fit side!~


Weigh-in Day!

January 20, 2013

Weigh –in Time!

I weighed in today at 181.6! I’m so close to my short-term goal of 179! The weigh-in photos can be found here:

Today was pretty low-key. I slept in until 9am, went to breakfast with a friend, went to the gym, and watched football. I feel so unaccomplished today! Haha!

I had big plans to clean my closet today, but that sounds about as exciting as pouring lemon juice on a paper cut, so I’m filing that idea under, “bad ideas for days off.”

I designed and purchased myself a new pair of running shoes today! This was a 2 hour process. I designed approximately 7 pair of shoes, then compared them, with all my workout gear in mind. I finally settled on this design:

1-20 shoes


The downside is that it takes a month for Nike to make them! That’s okay, though… it’ll be a nice surprise for Spring!

Not much else to report for today, except THE 49ers ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL! <Dance Party and evil grin for Alicia Castro!>


66 Days to a New Habit

Current Habit to Change: Eating sweets1-19 food-miles

Consecutive Days Complete: 56

Days Remaining: 10

Primal Eating

Instead of chips and bread, I snacked on nuts and fruit during the 49er game today! Of course, because of how close the game was, my stomach ended up in knots, so I’m feeling “puffy” right now. I’m sure it’ll subside tomorrow.

3000 Mile Manic Challenge

12 more miles today

  • Miles Completed Today: 12.0
  • Total Miles Completed Since 1/1/2013 : 183.26
  • Total Miles Ahead: 2816.74
    • Run/walk = 4.0
    • Bike = 179.26
    • Swim = 0

Nutrition (approx. 1580 Calories)

  • Breakfast: spinach, cheese and bacon omelet; fruit
  • Lunch: Leftover roasted chicken; spinach and brussel sprouts
  • Dinner: garden salad; chicken wings; olives and cheese
  • Snack: unsweetened dried mangos


  • 12 miles on bike

~See you on the fit side!~



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